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First the good news -- DNA testing is easy and painless.  The Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) company will mail you a test kit.
You simply swab the inside of your mouth with a couple of big Q-tips, put them in some nice little plastic tubes and
mail them back to the company.  Testing is done at the University of Arizona and is state-of-the-art.

Now the bad news -- DNA testing is not free. We strongly encourage participants to purchase either the 25-marker or 37-marker test. The cost plus shipping, paid to the Family Tree DNA Company. (Price subject to change.) As the administrators, we have no financial interest in the project; we do not receive commissions, "comps," expenses, or any other form of compensation or remuneration from the Family Tree DNA Company.

If you want to participate but money is a concern, please contact the project administrator. Sometimes we can help find researchers in your family line who will chip in for a test. We also have a General Fund with a little money left in it.

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    If you are a Couch researcher or have takent the DNA test, Please join this mail list and let other know what you are looking for.
    Or just to let other know what you have found out and if the DNA is working.

    The Family Finder is beginning to have lots of new members in it. And this would be a good place to let others know what you are finding.

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    Who to Contact for More Information

    Email Bill Couch
    Po Box 124
    Brookland, Ar 72417

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